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Opaque Media is here to help you create an online presence that can’t be ignored

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A strong online presence has become a necessary component to success.

Lets see how Opaque media give your company the look, style and functionality it needs to stand out from the crowd.


Web Design & Development

We will not only custom build your website but we will also give you the opportunity to update and change your website yourself. Rarely do other professionals give this option. We do. We will even teach you how.

Photography & Videography

Show your customers who you are and what your product is, unhindered. Ask us about the different kinds of photography we offer. Quality images make all the difference.

Digital Marketing & Analytics

A key concept at Opaque is continuous improvement.  We want to share that with you. Getting to know your customer through our analytics service will be the key to delivering the right social media strategy.

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Keeping it creative

Opaque is based in Auckland but work all over New Zealand. We have a love for all things creative and are always excited to help our customers find new and exciting ways to build their digital brand and bring it to the world.



Often our clients have websites that are in dire need of  a fresh start. We took a dated website with great content and refreshed the look. We spent some time getting to understand their values and what they have to offer then we took that message and made it the foundation of the website. After taking some fresh photos  A big part of the project was creating a great user experience to take customers on a clear journey through the business’ services. We added our analytics and conversion tracking and the client gets monthly updates on how well they are performing. As with every web design package, we make sure that it looks good on mobile.


Services used: Web design, Photography, Analytics.



“I can not recommend Opaque enough to those looking for a new website or advice on creative design. I have worked with Opaque on multiple projects and plan to work on many more. Professional & honest, key characteristics missing in today’s online marketing”

Mark Magcaling

Director, Magcaling Consulting

“I can’t thank Opaque enough for helping me maintain my website and social media accounts, because of their advice and knowledge my client base has definitely grown.”


Owner, Salon1925

A little bit about Opaque.

We’re all about helping you stand out from the crowd to help your business reach more people and grow. With some snazzy webdesign, great photos and videos we build your online presence. In other words, we want to help your business get noticed.

With over ten years experience with digital media we’ve seen how quickly the world  is changing and its not always easy for businesses to keep up. Fortunately Opaque has been able to work alongside clients and create ways to not only stay relevant but to be creative and stand out.



Let’s see what you’ve got and what we can do to accurately determine what the key drivers to a successful project are


We generate ideas leading to the final design


Tweaks and changes to make sure you and your customers get the best experience


We make it happen.
Simple. Elegant. Functional.

Let’s Work Together

Opaque was created to help businesses showcase their brand and build an online presence that can’t be ignored. Lets start you the path to growing your business online.

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